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Answers to some questions you might have.​

About The Beehive

The Ivry-B beehive is made of high-quality, durable plywood. The transparent cover consists of a strong piece of polycarbonate. The specific materials used provide insulation and protection for the bees, maintaining optimal conditions within the hive.

Yes, the Ivry-B hive is designed to be weather-resistant and can be used in various climates. Its insulation properties help regulate temperature and protect the bees from extreme weather conditions. Please note that an ideal temperature inside of the hive is about 35Β°C/95Β°F, and prolonged temperatures of extreme heat/cold can be dangerous to the bees.

The Ivry-B hive is designed for easy maintenance. No special tools are needed. As with any wood product, it is recommended to treat the wood with a wood varnish (or a similar product) about every 6/12 months. The hive should be placed in a dry place on a slight elevation from the ground for the best productivity. Regular inspections and cleaning are recommended, and occasional replacement of honeycombs may be necessary.

Yes, the Ivry-B hive is designed for easy assembly. Its user-friendly construction, clear instructions, and videos demonstrating assembly make the process straightforward, allowing for convenient setup and transportation.

To start with the Ivry-B hive, simply follow the assembly instructions provided with the product. Additionally, you can refer to the included educational resources for guidance on hive maintenance, beekeeping techniques, and honey collection. Please also visit our website for videos demonstrating the assembly of the hive.

The Ivry-B hive comes with essential components, including the hive body, frames, and a transparent cover. Additional accessories, such as the upper drawer system, are available separately to enhance your beekeeping experience.

No, the Ivry-B hive does not come with bees. It is designed to accommodate and provide a comfortable living environment for bees, but you will need to source the bees separately. We recommend getting bees from a reputable bee breeder or supplier to ensure the health and quality of the colony. It’s important to research and understand the responsibilities of beekeeping before introducing bees to the hive.

Safety is a priority when using the Ivry-B hive. It is important to follow recommended beekeeping practices and wear appropriate protective gear when interacting with the hive to minimize the risk of bee stings or other incidents.

To ensure your Ivry-B hive remains in pristine condition and stands the test of time, we recommend applying a special wood stain protection layer. This protective coating not only adds a touch of charm to your hive but also shields it from the elements, ensuring durability and longevity. With proper maintenance and regular inspections, your Ivry-B hive will continue to be a safe and cozy home for your buzzing friends, allowing you to cherish the fascinating world of bees for years to come!

Why a Transparent Hive?​

Our unique and modern beehive has a 180 degrees transparent cover, providing for an unparalleled view into the captivating world of bees. Witness their intricate, communication, observe their teamwork, and marvel at the hierarchy led by the powerful queen bee.

Owning a transparent beehive like Ivry-B offers an educational and enriching experience for all. It allows you and your family to learn about the essential role bees play in our ecosystem and understand the fascinating process of honey production, all while observing their natural behavior.

The transparency of the Ivry-B hive allows the bees to gradually acclimate to daylight, reducing stress and ensuring their well-being. It also facilitates effortless honey collection by allowing you to determine the readiness of honeycombs without
disturbing the bees or their environment.

The transparent cover of the hive allows beekeepers to observe the bees’ activities and check on their health without disturbing them. It provides a unique educational experience and facilitates better beekeeping practices.

2 Ways for Harvesting Honeycombs

This non-intrusive add-on allows you to effortlessly collect honey from the hive without disturbing the bees or their queen. The unique Upper Drawer system ensures that as worker bees fill the honeycombs, the queen is safely separated and unable to access it. When it’s time to collect honey, simply remove the drawer and the worker bees instinctively return to their queen in the main hive, allowing you to access 100% natural honeycomb with ease and peace of mind.

This innovative solution makes beekeeping hassle-free, fostering a harmonious relationship between you and the bees.

For those who prefer a more conventional approach, honey can be obtained by removing a frame filled with honey from the hive. Using a honey extractor or carefully cutting a large piece of honeycomb off the frame enables the extraction of a greater quantity of honeycomb at once. This method can be advantageous for specific beekeeping practices or individual preferences.

The Ultimate Choice for Bee Enthusiasts

The round shape of the Ivry-B hive mirrors the natural shape of a honeycomb, providing bees with a familiar and comfortable living environment. This design promotes their well-being and allows them to thrive.

Thanks to the see-through cover, you can watch the bees communicating with each other and also monitor their health without the need to open the hive. By reducing disturbances, you protect them from potential stress, diseases, and pests that could harm their colony. Witness their fascinating world without compromising their well-being.

Our hive’s innovative design minimizes the risks associated with traditional hives. The Ivry-B hive keeps your bees protected, ensuring they can focus on their essential tasks, such as pollination and honey production. Ensure their protection and let them flourish.

Yes, the Ivry-B beehive is designed to cater to both seasoned beekeepers and beginners. Its user-friendly features make it easy for beginners to start their beekeeping journey.

Ivry-B - Get Closer to Nature​

The round shape of the Ivry-B hive mirrors the natural harmony found in the world of bees and reflects the organic beauty of their natural habitats.

Experience the soothing warmth of the hive with Ivry-B, an opportunity to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees. As you observe the hive’s bustling activity through its transparent design, you not only gain a sense of calmness and tranquility but also deepen your understanding of the current condition of bee hives.

Sense the gentle vibrations created by the bees’ delicate wings, connecting you with their lively and vibrant ecosystem. Witness a unique educational experience as the bees’ work diligently and cooperate harmoniously within the hive. It allows you to learn about the health, well-being, and challenges of the hive and bees in today’s environment.

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