Home and educational beehive​

Discover the Beauty of Bees with Our Unique, Round-Shaped Beehive - Perfect for Home Use and Providing a Fascinating Beekeeping Experience!

The uniqueness of our hive

A special and different design.

The only round hive in the world today.​

Quality materials

The hive is made of quality wood, Has a double wall and thermal insulation.​

Observation of the life of the bees at 180 degrees

The transparent cover allows safe and fascinating observation of the bees' lives around the clock.​

Simple and easy to assemble

It comes built or as a kit for self-assembly (No tools other than glue are required).​

100% pure honey for personal consumption

The bees are expected to produce 6-10 kg of honey per year. Hardening independently, in a slow, natural and straightforward process.

Global community

Raising bees in the IVRY-B hive brings you to a global community of bee lovers.​

About us

An innovative approach to beekeeping

Welcome to IVRY-B, where we strive to provide unique, modern, and sustainable solutions for beekeeping. Our vision is to offer a simple-to-assemble and operate beehive that allows amateur beekeepers to nurture and care for honey bees with minimal interference in their natural lives.

Our beehive is a perfect fit for your home, school, community garden, agricultural farm, or even on the rooftop of a residential building. The round and transparent design of our hive is a unique feature that provides a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of bees and their activities inside the hive, without the need to disturb them by opening the lid.

At IVRY-B, we use only the best quality materials in the construction of our beehive, which is made of wood and other high-quality components. Our hive is not only beautiful and functional but is also sustainable, providing a safe and comfortable environment for bees to thrive and reproduce.

We believe that by supporting bees, you not only contribute to their survival but also to the health and well-being of your environment. With IVRY-B, you will experience a fascinating and enriching journey into the world of beekeeping, with blooming and thriving gardens in the spring and pure, high-quality honey for you and your family.

Thank you for choosing IVRY-B, and we look forward to helping you embark on your journey as a beekeeper.

Meet the team

עמוד בית

Yuval Ivry

CEO & Founder

עמוד בית

Eran Ivry

CTO & Founder

עמוד בית

Yoav Levavi

Web developer, designer & SMM

All over the world

We are preparing for crowdfunding.
For now, we do not yet ship aboard.
We are preparing for shipping, and we will update the status on our website.

We are preparing for crowdfunding.
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