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A fascinating, enriching and extraordinary experience that will bring you back to nature and the bees to life!

About Us

Our hive was born out of love and concern for the disappearing bees and to help them return to nature and our lives. In 2019, the idea for a unique hive began to take shape.

We looked for an alternative to the familiar square hive invented 170 years ago but found that not much has changed.

We have identified the need to produce a modern hive, simple to assemble and operate, that will provide a full breeding experience for the amateur beekeeper with minimal intervention in the life of the bees.

We went to the drawing board and after many hours of planning and work, sketches, models, and quite a few arguments, the hive was finally born – the IVRY-B hive – the first round and transparent hive in the world, which allows viewing and tracking the bees inside the hive, without human intervention.

Our Hive

The IVRY-B hive allows anyone to become an amateur beekeeper easily and simply and to support the problem of bee population depletion. We offer a unique, accessible, and convenient solution for growing and cultivating a honey beehive in your home or study environment. In the yard, porch, community garden, educational or agricultural farms, science classrooms, and even on the roof of a residential building.

Thanks to the round and transparent structure and design that are unique only to our hive, you will get a rare look inside the fascinating world of bees and their activity inside the hive at any given time, without having to open the hive lid and “interfere” to the bees. The IVRY-B hive is simple to self-assemble, made of quality wood and materials, and manufactured by us at Kibbutz Revadim. We believe that in exchange for your support of the bees, you will have a fascinating and enriching learning experience, and a flourishing and prosperous garden in the spring.

And of course pure and quality honey for you and your family!

The uniqueness of our hive

A special and different design.

The only round hive in the world today.​

Quality materials​

The hive is made of quality wood, Has a double wall and thermal insulation.​

Observation of the life of the bees at 180 degrees​

The transparent cover allows safe and fascinating observation of the bees' lives around the clock.​

Simple and easy to assemble​

It comes built or as a kit for self-assembly (No tools other than glue are required).​

100% pure honey for personal consumption​

The bees are expected to produce 6-10 kg of honey per year. Hardening independently, in a slow, natural and straightforward process.

Global community​

Raising bees in the IVRY-B hive brings you to a global community of bee lovers.​

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Home and educational beehive